The 5 Best Devices for Mobile Learning

This post has been written for Cageless Thinking by Bryan Baker. Bryan works with LeanForward, a mobile learning company.

 There are many mobile devices out there today that allow users to surf the internet, play games and download applications. In addition to being a great source of entertainment, mobile devices are also an excellent tool for learning and education.

Technology has always played a major part in continuing the education of the human race.  Years ago, computers that filled an entire room were used to help with research at major universities.  Later, Desktop computers arrived in our schools at the same time as they became an appliance in our home.  Now, mobile phones and tablet computers are used by individuals of all ages for educational purposes. Below are 5 of the best devices available on the market today for Mobile Learning.


1 – The iPhone

Did you know that the iPhone (and other mobile smart phones) have more processing power than the computers used by NASA on their Lunar Missions?


The iPhone is filled with thousands of educational apps that let users of all ages learn all sorts of things. iTunes U, one of the now standard Apple applications which is used at more than 1200 colleges allows students to access textbooks, course material, videos and more for each class they take. This content may have been designed by a professor at MIT or their own class teacher!

In addition to university level courses being accessible via the iPhone, apps designed to help toddlers learn their shapes and colors are used daily by little ones holding their parents phones.

2 – The iPad

Like the iPhone, the iPad has access to thousands of educational apps, iTunes U, and a mobile browser that lets individuals connect to the endless information on the internet.  But the iPad also has some advanced learning opportunities.

Apple has released software, iBooks Author, that has allowed experts of all subjects to create amazing interactive books that can be downloaded by iPad owners.    These books can help people learn computer programming languages, new spoken languages, or even how to improve online marketing efforts.

3 – Samsung Galaxy Note.

Having one of the largest screens in the tablet market, makes this a great device for learning. Along with the front and rear facing cameras.

One of the keys features that separates this device from the rest, is the use of the S Pen which gives the function of pen and paper on the large display, great for taking notes in class or even jotting down your ideas and theories while on the go.  When integrating this technology with Samsung’s Smart School solution, you have a truly interactive experience.

4 – Google Nexus 7

The screen on the Nexus 7 is a bit smaller than most tablets (just 7 Inches) but the price of this powerful device makes it great for educational institutions and elearners. Unfortunately, this device only has a front facing camera, which limits it’s ability to conference with others for learning, discussion and interaction.

It includes built-in Google technology for easy and quick access to the world’s information and it also supports Google Now which learns with it’s user to display the most important information at just the right time.

5 – Kindle Fire HD

This device is much more geared towards content than apps, which make this a great device for textbooks, educational movies, and access to educational pdfs. This is the least expensive tablet and Amazon has been selling them at bulk discounts to schools across the country.  Additionally, Amazon’s Whispercast service allows easy management of fleets of Kindle devices. Many trials are running in schools in Florida and Texas, so we shall see where Amazon takes this. For a basic tablet to get rid of all those bulky textbooks, this is the one you want.

We have incredibly powerful devices in our hands every day and they are prefect for mobile learning.  Find the device that’s perfect for you and your needs and start learning while on the go today.



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