Please get in touch if you want to discuss ideas you have about Cageless Thinking, or any other kind of innovation in education, or if you would like to arrange a meeting or INSET.

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  1. Dear Adam,

    I work for Hopscotch Consulting, an education marketing agency, running national school and education programmes for organisations such as Barclays, John Lewis, Siemens and Kellogg’s.

    My role is to support Barclays in the delivery and development of their LifeSkills programme which you may have come across before. We work hard to ensure that the content and resources available to teachers and students across the UK are of high quality and meet current curriculum needs, and as part of this we have a team of teachers and education professionals who review and trial materials before they are launched nationwide.

    As an ed tech specialist, your skills and professional insights would be hugely beneficial to our work. We are currently redeveloping the MoneySkills (financial literacy) content as well as introducing modules on ‘big data’ and so are recruiting maths, computing, geography and careers related learning teachers to act as reviewers and testers on a consultancy basis for LifeSkills materials. It is important that we have input from teachers from across the UK, to reflect the diversity of student and teacher experience. We are able to offer remuneration to teachers for their help depending on their level of support (could be attending a focus group, commenting on lesson plans or trialling resources with students).

    It would be fantastic to have you on board so if you would like to find out more, please do get in touch and perhaps we can discuss in more detail before the end of the summer term.

    Kind regards


  2. Hi Adam,

    I hope you’ve had a great start to your week! My name is Claudia Garcia, and I’m the Marketing Manager at

    I saw your blog and I thought you might like a non-promotional article on the future of Edtech.

    In the article, we talk about the future and the evolution of Edtech and how WonderHub can be the great connector between Edtech Companies and Educators.

    We are very interested in having our article listed on your blog and I really appreciate if you can consider uploading it.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

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