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2013 ADE Europe InstituteWebster, AdamI wanted to put this blog together as it combines the two aspects of education that I most care about and that are all too rarely discussed at the same time; technology and creativity.

Technology changes at such a fast pace, it is hard to keep up if you’re in the industry. Schools however, have lagged behind for too long and are now desperately trying to plug the gap between themselves and the real world.

Every day we learn a little more about how the brain works and thus how we can enhance our ability to be creative.

To be able to combine these two areas is the key to ensuring that the schools of the future are fit for purpose – that is, that they allow our students to be everyhing that they should be, even if we, as their teachers, do not know what that future is going to look like.

I am Director of Digital Learning at an independent school in Surrey where I am overseeing the development and use of technology in the classroom to enhance the learning experience of our students. I am also an Apple Distinguished Educator and try to write often about my experiences and experiments with using Apple technologies in my classroom.

I hope that you will enjoy exploring the content on these pages and contribute your own thoughts, ideas and experiences of innovation and creativity (or a lack thereof) in education.


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